Finlab is a family-owned business, created to help businesses from large to tiny with the highest quality finance services.
Our journey

FinLab is an expert in providing back-office and financial services to the corporate sector. Founded in 2012 as a family business, FinLab currently operates successfully in Belarus and Cyprus. Our team of experienced specialists specialises in providing high quality financial services to more than 80 companies, ranging in size from 1 to 300 employees. We take pride in working with our clients – the most dynamically growing brands and world-class companies. FinLab is the choice of clients who value every minute and are focused on sustainable growth, which we effectively help them to achieve.

What's Finlab in numbers?

Achievements, success, trust and confidence in the future.

Finlab’s company values

We Never Change Our Values, but Always Ready to Change Our Goals

Our corporate culture is tied to our history. We strive to work the hardest for the sake of our clients, our company, and society as a whole. We do whatever it takes to achieve business goals. This is the fundamental principle of our company.

  • Customer Success

    We understand our customers. Our experts are willing to discuss your needs and goals. We are always open to suggestions! Let our solutions drive you to success. You will not get disappointed since we never preach to the winds.

  • Trust

    We respect the individuality of every customer. We maintain an open dialogue no matter what. We trust our colleagues and respect their decisions. We like to cooperate and achieve great results through teamwork. We are committed and ready to act.

  • Passion

    We are proud of our work and our business. We always keep our promises. We accept our mistakes and never repeat them. We rejoice in our achievements and celebrate success.

  • Performance

    We have a good business sense. We have the knowledge, skills, and intuition required to make the right decisions. We are very demanding — towards both our partners and ourselves. We want to work with the best to achieve more. We always see the big picture and make the right decisions at the right time.



helped our customers


Long-term business relationships

Entrepreneurship is all about bravery. They are fearless people who go beyond the usual and believe they will succeed. They put their hearts and souls into their businesses. We want to support entrepreneurs throughout their paths to success. Finlab is the equivalent of trust, mutual respect, and long-term cooperation. That is why we are very happy when our clients prosper.

We believe in your success

Hanna Alekseeva

Chief accountant of Finlab

You can engage in strategic planning, while invisible accountants doing your bookkeeping.

Our services

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You’ll have a great company

Best team ever

Yura Zabolotny


Do not push yourself to what you are not really ready for. Just watch and be honest with yourself about what is happening. Then the change will occur naturally and by itself.

Hanna Alekseeva

Chief accountant

Performing a task gives a result. Perfectionism puts it off or even kills it.

Anastasia Buglak

Lead accountant

Tatyana Ermakovich

Lead accountant

Kristina Isaenko

Lead accountant

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We write notes & tips for entrepreneurs & start ups, so they don’t lose money.

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