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List of documents for Cyprus residence permit for employees.

Full list of documents:
– application form on the website of the Migration Department;
– Copy of a valid passport or other travel document valid as of the date of application for at least six months after the end of the employment contract (minimum allowable period of validity: 9 months). The original passport must be presented at the time of application, for verification;
– copy of the page of the passport or other travel document indicating the last arrival in the Republic and the entry visa;
– Copy of the marriage certificate, whereby the couple must have been married for at least a year before the application and the spouse must be at least 21 years old;
– a bank guarantee – a sum of money blocked in the Cyprus bank account of the applicant to cover the cost of possible deportation. For Russian citizens it is 550 euro.
– Copy of birth certificate for minor children, with children being under 18 years old and unmarried;
– For children from 4.5 to 15 years old – a letter from a kindergarten or school licensed by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus about enrollment/attendance at an educational institution;
– Court decision on the adoption of minor children (if required);
– The original certificate of no criminal record from the country of citizenship (for persons over 16 years);
– Original certificates of medical tests, confirmed by a doctor in Cyprus, indicating that the citizen of a third country is not a carrier of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis (absence of tuberculosis confirmed by chest X-ray). In case of repatriation with an entry visa issued by the employer these tests have to be done twice: in the country of origin and in Cyprus;
– document confirming the ownership or rental agreement of the house / apartment;
– Certificate of health insurance covering inpatient and outpatient treatment and transport of the body (Plan A), or a certificate of registration in the General Health Care System (GHCS) and private insurance for the transport of the body;
– An employment contract of the working spouse, signed and stamped by the employer, which is valid for at least 18 months from the date of application;
– A copy of the employee’s tax return for the previous year, with proof of income, taxes and deductions;
– bank statements of the working spouse’s bank account;
– utility bills (telephone, electricity or water) for the working spouse.
All documents must be submitted in originals, duly certified. In case there is no mutual agreement between Cyprus and the country of issue, the documents must be apostilled. An apostille is not required for documents issued by the Russian Federation.
The documents submitted with the application must be in Greek or English language. Otherwise, they must be accompanied by a notarized translation into one of these languages.
The application is submitted in person – the applicant is photographed, fingerprinted and signed. After going through the procedures, the relative can legally reside in Cyprus, obtaining a residence permit for a dependent family member, without the right to work.

For family members (spouse and dependent children) who are temporarily ineligible for family reunification (e.g. due to passport validity, age or length of marriage), a temporary dependent visitor’s residence permit can be issued. These family members can enter on a tourist visa and then apply to the Migration Department for a temporary residence permit.

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