Capital Statement – managing your finances with minimal risk.

Why you need to keep a Capital Statement

When you’re managing your money, it’s important to know how much money you have, where it is, and how it grows (or shrinks) over time.

One of the key elements of financial planning is taking control of your financial assets and managing your capital. To do this control and management, you need a tool that allows you to track and account for all of your income and expenses. One such tool is the Capital Statement spreadsheet.

The Capital Statement is a spreadsheet that shows all of a person’s assets and liabilities as well as their equity that can be used to cover liabilities or invested in the future. This chart allows people to control their finances, plan expenses and investments, and understand how they manage their capital.

Here is an example of a Capital Statement table:

Финансовый отчет

Assets Current Value Liabilities Current Value
Cash $20,000 Mortgage $200,000
Investments $50,000 Auto Loan $10,000
Retirement Savings $100,000 Credit Card $5,000
Home $500,000 Student Loan $20,000
Other Real Estate $300,000
Total Assets $970,000 Total Liabilities $235,000

In this example, the person has $970,000 in assets, including cash, investments, retirement savings, a house, and other real estate. He also has $235,000 in liabilities, including a mortgage, a car loan, credit card debt, and student loans. The individual has $735,000 ($970,000 to $235,000) in equity.

The main benefits of maintaining a Capital Statement are:

Controlling your finances.
The Capital Statement helps people monitor their financial assets and understand where their money is going. It displays all financial assets and liabilities, including cash, investments, debts, and loans. This way, you can understand your overall financial situation and plan expenses and investments based on real data.

Improving Your Financial Situation.
Capital Statement helps people make informed decisions and improve their financial situation. For example, it allows you to identify areas where you can save money, choose better investments and control your spending.

Better preparation for your tax return
If you maintain a Capital Statement, you’ll have accurate data on the value of your assets, which can make tax return preparation easier and help avoid errors in calculations. In addition, you can use this data to determine which assets should be included in your tax calculations.

Peace of mind and confidence
The Capital Statement makes people feel more confident and at ease. When you know how much d

money, where it is, and what liabilities you have, you can feel more confident about your financial abilities. This can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with financial matters and give you more peace and confidence for the future.

Planning for the future
Capital Statement helps people plan their finances for the future. For example, based on the data it provides, you can create a budget and determine what expenses and investments will be most beneficial to you in the future. You can also use the Capital Statement to determine what level of income and investments are needed to reach your financial goals.

Maintaining a Capital Statement may seem unfamiliar and complicated to many people, but it is an important tool for managing your finances. This spreadsheet helps you monitor your financial assets, improve your financial situation, prepare for your tax return, feel more confident and secure, and plan your finances for the future. If you haven’t started a Capital Statement yet, this may be a good time to start.

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