Accounting outsourcing

For any business

Small and medium-sized enterprises

For founders and directors

Regardless of the competencies of managers

The service of accounting services and support combines:

  • Formation of accounting policies based on the primary documents of the organization in thein the program 1C:Accounting.
  • Creation of accounting and tax reporting with the presentation of financial statements based on accounting results.
  • Formation of accounting entries based on primary documentation;
  • Payroll, cash reports, preparation of accounting and tax reporting;
  • Reporting to the authorities of the Federal Health Service, the National Statistical Committee,
  • Reporting to the The State Insurance Company ‘Belgosstrakh’.

Accounting support for entrepreneurs and organizations, can be provided on permanently and one-time basis.

The cost of services is calculated individually and varies depending on the following indicators:

– the volume of documents;
– the number of employees of the organization;
– the number of activities of the organization;
– presence FEA;
– adopted tax system.

We maintain confidentiality and guarantee quality, professionalism, and the regularity of accounting.