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Treasury Back Office Services

Outsourcing treasury Back-Office services has emerged as a cutting-edge practice that enables companies to tap into the specialized expertise of third-party providers for managing their financial operations. Such services can encompass a wide range of critical functions, including cash management, risk management, and foreign exchange transactions, among others. Using the extensive knowledge and experience of qualified outsourcing professionals, companies can effectively optimize their financial strategies, reduce risks and improve their overall financial performance.

The Back-office of a treasury department is responsible for the operational and administrative functions involved in managing financial transactions. This includes processing payments, reconciling accounts, and maintaining accurate records of financial transactions. The Back Office also works closely with external stakeholders, such as banks and other financial institutions, to ensure that transactions are executed correctly and in a timely manner.

  • Checking and confirming daily bank entries;
  • Executing transactions for FX deals, third parties and any ad hoc payments to group entities outside of the cash pool;
  • Reconciling cash pool bank accounts daily;
  • Quickly responding to and resolving queries in multiple languages;
  • Managing daily, weekly and monthly reporting;
  • Handling accounting entries for all transactions;
  • Ensuring investment policy compliance.