Relocation of IT-business to Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

Firstly we are pleased to announce that Finlab now has an office in Limassol, Cyprus. We are growing, developing and trying to provide the best service to our clients wherever we are located.

Secondly, Cyprus is becoming more and more popular with businesses wanting to set up international or regional headquarters, financial centers or development centers in the EU.

Thirdly, an attractive tax regime.  (Attractive tax regime for corporate taxes and dividend taxes for shareholders).

Key points in favor of Cyprus:

Attractive and transparent tax regime
Access to a large market (500 million) of EU consumers.
Soft immigration policy for IT professionals.
Low cost of doing business.
Availability of favorable tax regime IP Box 2.5%.
Infrequent changes in laws and British law.
Living in a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Finlab provides practical support on the following issues:

We’ll help you choose a location (which means we live here and know the differences between cities).
We will help you open a company and bank accounts.
We will help legalize your employees and their families.
Follow-up services for the open business (legal and accounting support).

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